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The speed of modern life has changed our habits. People are constantly in a hurry and have a lack of time. It’s easier for them to go online, create a profile, and communicate from the comfort of their own home. The popularity of online dating platforms is growing rapidly. The Internet makes it possible to get acquainted and communicate with a person from wherever you are!

Our mission

We’re an independent team with experience in online dating. We’re constantly looking for new dating websites, checking them, and sharing our experiences with our readers. Faced with so many scams and fakes, we want to help people find trustworthy dating websites. No matter what your goal is, chatting, flirting, or relationship, we support you with our profound reviews!

Our criteria

We compile our reviews based on a grading system. Our decision is influenced by the following criteria: design, prices, profiles, popularity, other reviews, privacy, and safety. We use a 10-point scale to rate the sites and assign up to 5 stars. One star means 2 points in the rating. So, you can more easily get an impression about a platform.


We pay attention to the popularity of a website and track the number of new signups and visitors per day.


It’s a great pleasure to communicate with a person who’s invested time and effort to create his or her profile. So the quality of profiles is especially important in online dating.


The good websites that really care a lot about security ask for your data like e-mail address and phone number and have an ID verification.


All your data should be safe with no access to third parties!


Many dating sites offer additional services for a fee. Prices should be affordable for as many members as possible.


If a dating site is complicated, you should better leave it. A good dating website has a user-friendly design and easy to navigate features!

Our experience

The web is full of dating sites of different qualities. Nobody is interested in fakes and low-budget websites. We have carefully looked through the most popular dating sites and agencies and have tested them for our readers. All the experiences we present here for you to help you make a choice!

We support you in your online dating journey

We check through a huge number of online dating websites to select only the best with high-quality standards. Make a great online dating experience with us!