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Croatian mail order brides make great wives and mothers. Their warm Southern-European character, Slavic-like beauty, and open-mindedness can’t leave any single guy indifferent. These are just a few stunning features of Croatian women for marriage. Below, you’ll see some more essential information about local girls. You’ll fall for them right away!

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Everything you should know about single Croatian women

Beautiful European brides are extremely attractive to foreigners, but Croatian ladies are a real catch. They combine passion, attractiveness, and wisdom in the most enchanting way possible. Plus, they’re loyal and defending, so you’ll always feel safe around your Croatian wife. But what else should you know about local girls before you start searching for a perfect lady?

The most attractive features of Croatian women

You’ll love local babes for various reasons, but there are some of them that won’t leave you a single chance. Time to reveal the most enchanting traits of single Croatian women!

Croatian Women
  • They’re independent. Single Croatian ladies can defend their opinions and dignity. They don’t ask their men for too much and never demand expensive clothes or 5-star-hotel trips abroad. Local brides believe they can achieve all of that alone, with no help from the outside.
  • Yet, Croatian women are extremely loving. It’s true: they have such a powerful, Balkan passion nobody can handle. Croatian ladies know how to make their men happy, how to please them in bed, and always be there, even in the hardest times.
  • Local babes are smart. Many Croatian women for marriage are well-educated and know at least one extra language. They can support any conversation, whether it’s related to politics, the world economy, or global warming. Croatian girls actually expect their partners to be the same, so you probably should refresh your knowledge on the latest world trends.
  • They always defend their beloved ones. If a Croatian girl is in love, you know it. She’ll always go after you and will always stand for you in any situation. They’re not afraid of getting into fights for love, and you should always cherish that.

Best tips on dating and marrying Croatian ladies

Being in a relationship with Croatian mail order brides is fun yet quite demanding. Local ladies don’t look for occasional one-night stands or casual sex partners. Like Macedonian brides, they’re very serious about finding a soulmate, so if you’re 100% sure you want to be with a Croatian girl, follow these tips, and you’ll always be on cloud nine with her:

Croatian Women For Marriage
  • Share everything with your lady. Dating Croatian women will always mean what’s yours is theirs too. This relates to everything from secrets, news, possessions, etc. A local lady will share everything she has if she believes you’re the one for her, and she’ll expect the same from you.
  • Be the initiator. Croatian ladies don’t chase after guys. They’re used to getting a lot of attention from foreigners, so nobody will make an exception for you. Ask your lady to dinner with you, take her on trips around the city, be the first one to call. If a girl always agrees to your offers—it’s a good sign, way to go!
  • Be patient. It doesn’t only relate to waiting for your girl before the date while she’s finishing her makeup. Local brides don’t believe in sex after three dates, so you should be ready to wait till she decides to go all the way and trust you completely. Make sure you’re ready for this and well, keep waiting, and your patience will be rewarded.

Best places to meet Croatian mail order brides

Zagreb, the capital, isn’t the only nice place to search for your future Croatian wife. The country is full of great spots, especially those by the sea. Why not take a look at some of the most romantic and promising places to find the girl of your dreams? Below, you’ll see some best ideas for traveling. Plus, Croatia is a great country for arranging your wedding, so these spots can come in handy in the future.

single Croatian women


One of the most romantic places in Croatia, Rovinj is full of old small pebbled streets which are perfect for late-night walks and chasing sunsets. The city has some Italian-like towers and cathedrals, stunning views from the highest hills, and of course, various kinds of entertainment for couples. A must in Rovinj is batana, a traditional fishing boat. Take a ride on it at sunset with just the fishing lights on. It goes all over the peninsula, and you’ll see some stunning landscapes from a completely different point of view.

Korcula Island

Another great spot to visit and meet Croatian girls. A “mini-Dubrovnik” and, supposedly, a birthplace of Marco Polo, this island is full of forests, parks, isolated beaches, and medieval castles. Here, you don’t only lie on the beach and sip cocktails, you go on a real adventure with no exact destination or route. It’s a perfect place to meet adventurous, open-minded single Croatian ladies who’d do anything for some good memories.

Croatian ladies


With an 17-century-old history, Split is one of the most famous cities for traveling and leisure in Croatia. Beautiful Croatian women gather around for nice beach resorts, loud parties, and marvelous sightseeing tourism. Here, you can meet local ladies and offer them some help during a hiking tour, get them a drink at a beach club, or ask them to join you for a yacht ride around the city.

If you’re looking for legit Southern European brides, Croatia is one of the best options for that matter. Local girls are extremely attractive and affectionate, you’ll surely fall for all of them! Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime, so start searching for your one and only Croatian wife!

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