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Bulgarian girls for marriage are women interested in dating and wedding foreign men. They attract Westerners with their unbelievable beauty, unending charisma, and marvelous sense of humor. What are their other advantages? Are there any disadvantages? What about stereotypes and myths? Read the guide below to learn everything about your future Bulgarian wife.

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Main characteristics of Bulgarian women for marriage

Of course, every woman, even within one country, has her own unique peculiarities. Even two sisters in one family can have a directly opposed character or appearance. However, certain generalizations can be pointed out, so you have an overall idea of Bulgarian women for marriage. Find them just below.

  • Diverse. No one still certainly knows who Bulgarian people are closer to—Slavic or Mediterranean people? Or Balkan? The answer is somewhere in the middle. Some might have more Mediterranean traits, others—more Slavic traits, and so on. It all depends on what region in Bulgaria a person is from. Anyway, Bulgarian wives have always been considered the best mail order European brides.
  • Sociable and talkative. There’s even a joke—where there are two Bulgarians, there are three opinions. It supremely well describes local people. They love discussing everything in the world, even trivial things no one cares about. Bulgarians often gather in big companies, have noisy dinners, and enjoy the tastiest food because they love socializing.
  • Beautiful. Probably, one of the most famous girls from Bulgaria is Nina Dobrev, a star of The Vampire Diaries series, and some movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Her appearance is typical for Bulgarian women for marriage: dark hair and skin, slim and fit body, middle height.
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Interesting facts about Bulgarian wives and their culture

Every country Eastern European mail order brides come from has some unusual and interesting customs or habits. Your Bulgarian mail order bride also has something special for you. Perhaps, you have never heard about the facts below.

  • Bulgarians nod for no and shake their heads for yes. This gets even more confusing when locals try to adapt to foreigners and do the opposite—nod for yes and shake heads for no, as almost all other Westerners do.
  • Name Days are celebrated in addition to birthdays and are even more valued by some people. Your Bulgaria girl for marriage would expect you to give her something like flowers, perfume, or a clothes item. She’ll probably invite guests to celebrate too.
  • Slow living or “aylyak” is important. Bulgarians have their special lifestyle and call it aylyak. The main components are to never hurry, to always take advantage of the weather, and to keep calm when you feel irritated.

Myths about Bulgarian brides

Here’s what you might still get wrong about Bulgarian girls for marriage.

Bulgarian women for marriage
  • Bulgaria and Romania aren`t the same. Locals get very offended and irritated when foreigners confuse or compare these two countries. Many years ago, a few state figures tried to unite Bulgaria and Romania but didn’t succeed. Now all that unites them is about 600 km of borders and some similar traditions.
  • Bulgaria isn’t a third-world country. Sometimes Bulgaria women get shocked because of the questions foreigners ask them. “Do you have supermarkets?”. Oh, well. Of course, Bulgaria may not be the richest country in Europe, but it certainly is quite developed, and its big cities look a lot like others (save for the old Communist-era buildings).
  • Bulgarians can speak English. Well, at least your Bulgarian wife will most likely be able to do that. Yes, older generations don’t really know it because they were forced to study Russian or German. But the youth learn English and often spend holidays in America, working and traveling there.

Tips for dating Bulgarian mail order brides

Dating Bulgarian women is, in general, similar to dating awesome Swedish brides, Ukrainian girls, or who else you have eyes for. Here are some recommendations.

single Bulgarian girl
  • Ask her for a real date. Not a coffee. If you want to meet Bulgarian women, take this seriously. Girls expect men to arrange something romantic. They love surprises, presents, flowers and generally believe men should court women. Well, at least invite her to some good restaurant if you’re not that romantic type of man.
  • Pay the bill. Here’s how it works in the country. If you invite, it’s you who pays. Some women might suggest splitting the bill, but to be on the safe side, you’d better reject it. This shows your masculinity and readiness to be a provider.
  • Impress her friends. As strange as it may sound, it’s not her parents you should impress in the first place. Your Bulgarian mail order bride’s friends are going to be much more judgmental.
  • Keep your promises. What Bulgarian wives hate the most in men is their empty words. If you keep promising a lot but rarely stick to it, your girlfriend won’t exercise her patience. That’s a national characteristic of all local women.

Bulgarian women for marriage are pretty, smart, and extremely fun girls. You’re a lucky man if you manage to win the heart of one of them. Because in this case your life will change forever, and you’ll feel as happy as never have felt before.

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