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What do you know about beautiful Swedish women? Probably, you`ve heard they`re all blondes. Locals claim it`s not true, but the brightest female representatives are still blondes. Malin Akerman, for example. You might have seen her in the 27 Dresses movie. Hard not to fall in love with such a sincere smile, agree? Let`s dig deeper and explore what Swedish girls have to offer.

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Common features of Swedish mailorder brides

Are Swedish ladies just like other Scandinavian brides — only cold and distant?

They don`t talk with strangers

Typical Swedish lady won`t feel comfortable having a nice talk with a cashier in a grocery or just a passenger sitting next to her in the bus. Moreover, they try not to meet their neighbors and even leave the house later if they see someone`s on the street right now. They`ll do anything to avoid casual talks.

They don`t like to be in the limelight

Scandinavians are shy by nature. Maybe that`s why you`ll rarely see a Swedish woman wearing a red dress and heels or anything even more provocative. She doesn`t want to attract too much attention, especially a sexually colored one.

Swedish Women

They love to party

At first sight, there`s no logical connection between being shy and partying. But that`s exactly how local European brides fight that shyness and open themselves. To do it, a few beverages are usually needed. But it`s not more than a glass of good wine or a cocktail. Swedish beautiful women know how to drink for pleasure but not to ever get drunk, like all beautiful Northern European brides.

They know how to slow down

In Sweden, it`s popular to have a coffee break anytime you feel you need it. Whatever the time of the day or activity, they push the pause button and enjoy simple coffee and a cinnamon bun. It`s called fika, and this is how a Swedish first date usually looks like.

Why do Swedish girls become mail order brides?

So many girls, so many minds. But there are a few general reasons influencing their choice.

Local men rarely make the first step

Due to the high level of gender equality in the country, Swedish gender roles aren`t as strictly outlined as in other states. It`s normal for women to ask men for a date, to split the bill, and even to pop the question sometimes. Generally, local ladies are comfortable with this, but many of them miss the “male” position in relationships.

Swedish lady

Swedish grooms aren`t ready to commit

Dating in Sweden is often not taken seriously enough. Young men search for girlfriends just to have fun with, but they don`t even think about creating a family and taking the responsibility for two lives. Males get married only after 36! Swedish brides desire to bond their lives with more serious candidates.

How to woo a Swedish girl?

Follow these simple steps to succeed in dating a Swedish bride and make her heart beating faster:

  • Don`t be cocky. People in Sweden never brag trying to impress anyone. They believe in equal rights and never show off. So your tales about a huge salary and a mansion with a pool won`t impress her. Vice versa, more likely.
  • Let her be independent. She`ll appreciate your offer to pay the bill but don`t insist if she desires to share it. Show her you won`t interfere with her rights and freedom.
  • Don`t push. If you`re ready to sayl words of love, do it without waiting for the same in turn. She`ll need much more time to make sure you`re the one, and she can trust you.
  • Be the leader in conversations. Ask questions, change topics, be the initiator. It`s hard for a Swedish woman to open in dialogue, but her silence doesn`t mean she`s not interested. Help her relax!

Getting right into the inner world of a Swedish bride, you`ll get a treasure you`ve never expected. Isn’t it worth a try? Especially since all you have to do to get started is register on online dating sites?

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