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They say Norwegian women look and even dress the same. Is it true? If so, you`d have a tremendous choice among these Nothern European brides as they all are stunning. Is their behavior also similar? Let`s find out common features all Norwegian girls share.

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Norwegian brides` personality: general facts

They don`t like small talks

In Norway public transport, asking a stranger so usual for you “How are you?”, you`ll get what-a-weirdo look and probably no answer. Locals aren`t used to wasting time on useless dialogues with people they won`t ever see again. But in a company of close people, they`re always open and talkative.

They`re conformed

Norwegians don`t brag and won`t ever make you feel uncomfortable because of your lower social or financial status. In general, the average salary in Norway is $3500, which is one of the highest in Europe. But you`ll never guess how much a person earns judging by his or her looks and clothes only. For Norwegian ladies, personality always matters, not money.

Norwegian brides

They`re reserved

Norwegians rarely talk about their emotions and often choose not to show them. You won`t hear words of love fast from your Norwegian bride. She`ll need time to get used to the feeling she can really trust you. Only then, she`ll be ready to open herself and genuine feelings.

They love life

Did you know Norway is in the list of the happiest countries in the world? It first relates to the country’s political and economic situation that makes people feel safe, thus happier with their living conditions. In other words, the absence of problems on the governmental level lets people just enjoy life without worries about where to get money or how to act in critical situations.

Why do Norwegian women become mail order brides?

Gender equality

Norway is one of the countries where gender inequality isn`t the issue, but there`s always something to improve. Beautiful Norwegian women are freedom-lovers and desire to experience it in other countries, like the USA, where the level of democracy is high. These ideal European brides want to choose their fate and to influence it, just like men always do.

Openness to the world

Norwegians adore traveling and experiencing the beauty of the planet`s nature. Norway brides realize that conquering the world with someone special is much more exciting than doing it alone. Knowing Westerners` openness, they choose them as a perfect husband-material.

Norwegian lady

Busy lifestyle

Norwegian women, as like Swedish brides often consider online dating as the only option as they don`t want it to influence their career much. Usually, dating takes time and effort and often brings zero results in the end. That`s why local ladies prefer searching for love online, so they have time for work too. But when girls are sure they`ve found the one, they put him on the priority list.

How is it to date a Norwegian bride?

What changes will a Norwegian woman bring to your life? You`ll:

  • Learn how to ski. Even Norwegian kids easily do that!
  • Become frequent in bars on weekends. Norway brides love to have a cocktail or two, this helps them to beat the natural shyness.
  • Get used to candles, cute pillows, and Christmas lights even in summer. Home comfort is the issue for Norwegians, and they`re the best at making the house cozy.
  • Go on picnics more often. People in Norway love nature and get inspired being close to it, your woman will teach you this approach too.
  • Forget about fur. Norwegians are against any natural fur, so you won`t need to make such a present for your Norwegian lady.
  • Love sport. Hiking, jogging, or any other outdoor activities are the main hobby in Norway. Maybe that`s why women there look so good and fit.

Norwegian woman only seems so cold and distant at first sight. In reality, she makes a loving, affectionate, and caring wife. Try to melt her heart and see yourself!

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