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Frankly, what do you know about Icelandic women? It seems like everyone has heard about the country’s picturesque landscapes, high living standards, and active volcanoes with names that are impossible to pronounce. Like, Eyjafjallajökull volcano? Seriously? Okay, all kidding aside. What about its girls? Do they date foreigners? How to meet Icelandic women? Keep reading to find out.

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What you probably didn’t know about single Icelandic ladies

All European mail order brides have something in common. But there’s something that’s peculiar to only beautiful Icelandic women. Here it is.

Iceland Brides
  • Iceland ranks 1st for gender equality. You can hardly find a better place in this world for women to live than Iceland. This is the 12th year in a row that Iceland becomes the best-performing country regarding gender equality. This fundamentally concerns economic participation, educational opportunities, political empowerment, and health for women. Thus, this is for sure, Iceland mail order brides need a partner they can feel equal with.
  • Iceland is a country of freedom and opportunities. When you date an Icelandic girl, you date a woman free of any prejudices, limits, and fears. Ladies, basically, can do whatever they want. Wear short skirts and high heels or loose overall. Breastfeed in public or never have children. Run for office or be a housewife. Brides hate being told they can’t do something because they literally can do anything (legal, of course). If you share such values, go meet Iceland girls.

Reasons to date Icelandic girls

There are many reasons to date mail order brides from Northern Europe, in particular, Iceland single women. What are they?

single Icelandic ladies
  • Beauty. When men meet women from Iceland, they just become speechless. Well, it seems like there’s really a reason whyIceland is the third country worldwide that received the most Miss World titles. How do the girls look? Predominantly, they’re blondes with blue eyes (because of the Viking DNA). They’re of medium height—168 cm on average.
  • Education. The most stunning fact about education in Iceland is that 64% of students are women. This is the highest percentage of any European nation. This is what a fight for gender equality can make. Iceland single ladies are lucky to have a great opportunity to study what they want and become great specialists and professionals in their major.

Stereotypes about Iceland brides and their culture

Let’s look at the most common stereotypes about Iceland and Icelandic girls to either prove or dispel them.

All single women in Iceland look the same

beautiful Icelandic women

Well, there’s indeed a certain description that lots of local girls fit in—blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful. However, there are brunettes and redheads as well. You’ve probably heard of Bjork—an Icelandic singer, songwriter, and actress who has dark hair and doesn’t really look what everyone would think of a typical Icelander.

All Icelanders are atheists

Well, this is partly true. Iceland is among the countries with the highest percentage of atheists. Still, there’s an official religion—the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, with lots of followers. So, some Icelandic women do believe in God, some of them don’t. Again, they’re happy to live in a country where no one tells them what to believe in.

How to date an Iceland girl for marriage successfully

Here are some best recommendations for dating beautiful Icelandic women.

Iceland single women
  • Don’t brag. She won’t appreciate it. On the contrary, it’s likely she won’t agree to go on a second date with you. All Scandinavians are so self-reliant and confident that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
  • Mind what you wear. This point is similar to the previous one—Iceland single women aren’t fans of bright, expensive, and too pretentious outfits. They value quality and comfort. You won’t impress Icelandic ladies with a super costly watch or shoes. Moreover, it’s likely they won’t get it why in the world you’ve spent a fortune on such things.
  • Split the bill if she wants it. It also concerns Swedish brides, Finnish, Danish, or other girls from the countries of Scandinavia. They find it totally fine to pay for themselves on dates. Equality in everything. Of course, you may suggest paying, but don’t insist if she refuses.

Iceland single ladies are a great choice for Western men as they share a lot in common—culture, values, worldview. Your marriage is going to be very comfortable, mature, and happy. You just need to start looking for your love. Do that online anytime!

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