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Belarus is a Slavic country located in Eastern Europe. It`s well-known for one of the most beautiful and intelligent girls on the planet. Read this article to discover more about fascinating Belarusian women and learn why it`s a great idea to find a Belarus girl for marriage.

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What kind of personal qualities do Belarusian brides have?

The fantastic qualities of Belarusian women are endless — beautiful, wise, calm, accepting, polite… Keep reading!

They have a reserved personality

Many of them are well-mannered and modest in their behavior. Although ladies from Belarus don`t dress provocatively, showing off their bodies, they still look exquisite and beautiful. Women from Belarus are passionate only for their men and don`t wish to attract others. Overall, most of the Belarusian brides are calm, rational, and rarely have mood swings.

They`re straightforward

Belarusian women are very open about what they think. They often avoid irrelevant small talks, rarely make silly hints, and don`t like excessive, unnecessary compliments. Tell her exactly what you want, why you like her, and why you want to be with her. Undoubtedly, she`ll appreciate it.

Belarusian brides

They have a mature mind

Life in Belarus is hard, so ladies face and overcome various life struggles or obstacles from a very young age (e.g., helping raise younger siblings is common) there. Because of that, they mature faster. When you meet Belarusian girls, you can expect them to be much wiser and more experienced for their age. These beautiful European women for marriage show less childish behavior and more emotional maturity, making them interesting interlocutors.

Cultural specifics of brides from Belarus

How did the country`s culture influence the mind of Belarusian girls?

They like when a man leads

Belarusian people support traditional gender roles: men are breadwinners, and women care for children and household. For example, it`s a common tradition for a Belarusian woman to set the dinner table. However, it doesn`t mean girls from this country are only busy with domestic work. Education is also essential to them. So, they`re excellent at combining their ambitions with family life. Consider the fact that a typical Belarusian girl expects men to make the first step when it comes to dating and marriage. When you meet Belarusian girls, be initiative, and you`ll be rewarded.

They believe in superstitions

Many Belarusians believe in superstitions and take them seriously. If you find your Belarusian girl avoiding black cats or whistling at home — don`t be weirded out. Understand and respect what your Belarus bride believes in, and try to follow it, if possible. Also, some superstitions are directly related to dating. One of them is the number of flowers you give — an even number of flowers associates with a funeral.

They easily build trust

Part of the Belarusian culture is people`s trusting nature. There are strong traditions of law, and many people feel safe towards each other. For example, it`s common to leave your belongings unsupervised before going to the bathroom in a restaurant. Similarly, Belarusian women feel towards foreigners. Often, they build trust with someone very quickly. These Eastern European brides don`t expect people to be evil when they first make contact. Most of the ladies from Belarus are honest and rarely suspicious, so they believe outsiders easily.

Belarusian woman

They follow the traditional Belarusian wedding ceremony

Many Belarusians respect and follow their ancestors` traditions when it comes to weddings. There`s “zapity” (engagement) — at this stage, you have to make a good impression on your bride`s family and formally “ask for the hand”. For an actual wedding, it`s common to invite lots of relatives and have many tasty dishes and drinks. A beloved tradition is “bride`s redemption” — a groom is tested for knowledge about his Belarusian bride. Most of the weddings include “tamada,” a person who entertains guests with funny contests and music.

Why Belarusian women are perfect brides for foreigners?

What makes Belarusian brides so special to win men`s hearts? There`s an explanation.

They`re curious

Belarus is often an unappreciated country. It receives much fewer tourists compared to its neighbors. So, many Belarusian women are often curious about outlanders and their culture. These girls don`t see many visitors in their country, but they`re very enthusiastic and open about meeting new people from overseas.

They`re approachable

Because of their curiosity, Belarusian women are outstandingly welcoming when meeting foreigners for the first time. When asked, most of the ladies are willing to date and marry a foreigner. They wish to explore different cultures. Brides from Belarus understand their country`s limitations, and many of them are excited to leave it with their partner. They`re very serious and decisive about marriage, so be sure your Belarusian girl is there because she loves and cares for you.

Belarusian girls are amazing, reserved, and trusting women eager to marry a foreigner. Meet brides from Belarus on the best dating websites. Go ahead, find your happiness!

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