Marrying A Norwegian Woman: Pitfalls And Benefits

They say Norwegian women look and even dress the same. Is it true? If so, you`d have a tremendous choice among these Nothern European ladies as they all are stunning. Is their behavior also similar? Let`s find out common features all Norwegian girls share. Norwegian brides` personality: general facts They don`t like small talks In […]

Swedish Women For Marriage And Their Bits Of Biscuit

What do you know about beautiful Swedish women? Probably, you`ve heard they`re all blondes. Locals claim it`s not true, but the brightest female representatives are still blondes. Malin Akerman, for example. You might have seen her in the 27 Dresses movie. Hard not to fall in love with such a sincere smile, agree? Let`s dig […]

Once You`ve Dated Latvian Women, You`ll Never Go Back

The country is a hidden paradise of Northern Europe: breathtaking views, the capital near the Baltic Sea, and a romantic atmosphere anywhere you go. This place raises only the finest women in the region, so men from all across the globe can`t help but lust after Latvian ladies. They embody all the qualities for becoming […]

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