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The number of single Russian women registered on online dating platforms seems endless. So many girls are interested in dating foreign men that it looks like you have all chances to win a Russian lady’s heart. How to achieve that? Where and how to find a Russian bride? What are the reasons for doing that? All the answers are below.

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What foreigners should know about Russian brides

If you’re a foreigner who wants to find a Russian bride, learn a few facts about them.

  • Strong and reliable. Russian women for marriage know what hard work is and how to fight for prosperity and welfare. All because the economic and political situation in the country is very difficult. People are underpaid. On average, they get $700 a month. Generally, girls have to work hard and come through lots of challenges. They truly have virile character.
  • Soft and feminine. Despite all the difficulties, almost all Eastern European mail order brides experience due to a variety of reasons, they remain very delicate and gentle. Your Russia mail order bride is going to be the most feminine woman you’ve ever dated: sweet, supportive, kind, and outstandingly helpful.
  • Pretty and hot. Have you ever seen Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova, or Maria Sharapova? You can hardly deny they’re remarkably beautiful and charming. The majority of Russian brides for marriage are just the same. They have fit and slim bodies, attractive facial features, and great fashion taste.
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How and where to meet a Russian bride

The best way to find European bride or any other girl from a foreign country like Russia is using online dating platforms. Why is it the most effective method to look for Russian wives?

  • It’s less stressful. Every woman on a website is going to be single and interested in getting acquainted with a guy like you. Remember all those times you had to have that small talk with a girl, ask her out, and be nervous before the first date? Online dating reduces stress level sufficiently, so you can meet Russian women easily.
  • It’s more affordable. All you need to do to find a Russian bride is to register on a dating platform. Usually, daters have to pay for credits packages or subscriptions, but it’s much cheaper than taking girls on dates to restaurants or movies.
  • It’s fast. You go on a site, use search filters to indicate the characteristics of your ideal partner (age, appearance, habits, etc.), and here you go! A list of pretty women ready to talk to you and know you closer is made for you. Many girls are available for chatting during the day, and you can quickly find your best match.

Why do Russian mail order brides like American men?

Russian brides

More and more legit Russian brides marry Americans each year. What are the reasons for such a tendency?

Americans don’t have such strict gender roles

Generally known “classical” gender roles dominate in countries of Eastern Europe. This means that it’s mostly women who have to carry household duties and care about children. As a rule, they also have to combine that with full-time jobs. Moreover, equality is still a new word for many men in Russia. Domestic violence statistics is horrifying. Over 30 thousand Russian girls suffer from it yearly. That’s why single Russian women want to wed a man with a more advanced attitude to relationships.

Americans are more successful

No matter what people think or say, there’s an established fact—America is much richer and more prosperous than Russia. Generally, American men have more well-paid jobs, live in better houses, and have fewer worries about how to provide for the family. This attracts beautiful Russian women as all girls want to marry a man they and their children can feel safe with.

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Americans look better

Appearance also matters for Russian brides for marriage. They find American men more masculine because they work out and care how they look. American guys are also more stylish and just look more attractive for the girls. Together they make perfect couples.

How much does it cost to get a Russian mail order bride?

The price is similar to the one when you meet beautiful Ukrainian brides online or girls from neighboring Eastern European countries like Russia. Here’s what it consists of.

  • Dating website. If you meet your Russian bride online, you pay for the services a website provides you with. It may cost, on average, about $100-300 a month.
  • Dating. You spend on flowers and presents when you date Russian women. This may cost another $100-200+ a month.
  • Traveling. If your relationship is serious, your offline meeting is inevitable. And this is going to be the biggest expenditure in your budget. If to sum up expenses on tickets, accommodation, food, documents, you might need another $2,000-3000+.

The overall price will always vary because it all depends. On average, $3,000-6,000 is enough to find, date, and marry your Russia mail order bride. This is about $500-1,000 a month if your dating period lasts for about six months. Want to give it a chance? Because you have everything for a happy marriage. Just make the first step.

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