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Slovakia is a country in Central Europe, and Slovakian brides are single girls who want to date and marry foreigners. You can meet Slovakian women online on numerous dating websites. Interested? Keep reading to learn more about the ladies, their character, appearance, and tips for dating them.

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Facts to know before marrying a Slovak girl

You probably don’t know a lot about Slovakia. Many think of it as a not really developed country that was once a part Czechoslovakia. Is it really so? Let’s find out where your Slovakia girl comes from and what kind of culture she lives in.

  • Mentality. If you want to find a European mail-order bride, Slovakian ladies are a perfect choice. Their country is highly developed and has an advanced high-income economy. It’s likely you and your partner are going to have very similar Western values and worldviews. So it’ll be easier to find a common language and deal with arguments.
  • Religion. The majority of Slovakian people (almost 70%) say they believe in God. About 63% of them are Catholics. An interesting fact is that their neighbors, Czechs, are religiously unaffiliated (72%), even though two nations once shared one country. Anyway, it’s likely your Slovakian girl for marriage is going to be religious.
  • Education. The level of education in the country is high. The government invests a lot in the development of educational programs and increasing teachers’ salaries. The percentage of female graduates in the Slovak Republic is relatively high in comparison with other states. Slovakia brides are predominantly very smart women.
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What are Slovakian brides like?

All girls around the world have something special that attracts men. Best Eastern European brides are pretty and supportive, Latin women are hot, Asian ladies are modest and caring. What’s special about Slovakian brides?


It’s believed that Slovakian girls correspond to all modern beauty standards. The criteria of what a beautiful woman is, which were introduced some years ago, are the following—blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, fit body. And that’s how the majority of local ladies look. Yes, not only Swedish girls look like that. Anyhow, this is, in some way, subjectivity. But if you like such a type of appearance—go and finally meet Slovakian women.


Another peculiar feature of local brides is their maturity. It means they’re responsible for themselves and their actions, able to accept their partners the way they are, considerate of others, and can control their emotions. Hence, you marry a partner you can create a healthy relationship with, make common plans for the future, raise happy children, and always be sure you can rely on her.

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The things you should never do when dating Slovakia brides

Here are the top DON’Ts when being in a relationship with a girl from Slovakia.

  • Don’t raise certain topics. Locals hate when foreigners start discussing political and economic decisions their country makes. For example, you’d better avoid asking your girlfriend why the prices in Slovakia are higher than in the rest of Europe. Or why the local government doesn’t accept the European Union agreements (like immigration policy).
  • Don’t hurry things up. It’s often a good idea to take things a bit slowly during Slovakia girl dating. While some ladies expect men to take them to a restaurant on a first date, Slovakian women are totally fine with meeting for a coffee and a nice walk, so you can learn each other more.
  • Don’t give very expensive gifts. At least when you have just started dating. While in some cultures it’s common to give something more appreciable, it can puzzle your Slovakia girl. Something nice and inexpensive but practical and rational is the best present for Slovakians.
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Tips for dating Slovakia brides

There are some fundamental recommendations that work for almost all women, whether this be beautiful Polish brides, girls from China, America, or Turkey. However, because of differences in cultures and backgrounds, every girl requires a special attitude and your full attention. Here’s what Slovakian ladies would expect from you.

  • Be the leader. Though being mature, independent, and strong, Slovakian brides still want men to be more initiative when it comes to relationships, common activities, and important decisions. For example, you can pick the restaurant for a date or suggest plans for a weekend. Don’t be passive.
  • Be serious. Slovakian girls on dating platforms aren’t looking for a fling. They want to find a husband and create a happy family. If your intentions are different, don’t even try because you have little chance for that anyway.
  • Be humorous. If you could make your Slovakian girlfriend laugh and raise her mood, consider you managed to win another 100 points in a game “Make her fall in love with you.” Local women appreciate good humor a lot.

Marrying a Slovak girl might be the best decision in your life. And all you have to do to achieve that is to start looking for her online on a dating platform. Go get her!

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