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The Czech Republic is a country of friendly and sincere people always ready to treat you like their guest. What about local women? How good wife-material are they, and why they`re worth the search? Let`s cover all the peculiarities of Czech brides you need to know.

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Czech mail order wives nature: general peculiarities

What do all Czech Republic brides have in common?

They have a great sense of humor

But sometimes it`s too dark. They`re not afraid to laugh at things other would consider inappropriate. Maybe that`s an attitude to life everyone should have to be happy in a moment? Czech Republic women feel comfortable in any company usually because everyone enjoys hanging out with them. They know how to make others laugh and can laugh at themselves as well.

They`re not religious

Only 21% of Czech are Catholics when 72% aren`t religious at all, which is the highest share of unaffiliated adults among Eastern European countries. This fact means Czech brides are free in their mindset and actions. Though, they`re also very tolerant and will accept their husbands` faith with understanding and respect.

Czech wives

They`re hospitable

If you`ve ever had a chance to visit the Czech Republic before, you know it yourself. It appears in everything Czech are doing: cuisine, beverages, small talks on the streets, attitude to foreigners. Being one of the most famous touristic spots, Czech Republic knows how to welcome people and make them feel comfortable even far away from home. Same with local women.

They`re free in actions

Czech women, as like Polish brides, aren`t afraid to behave and dress the way they want. They won`t be scared to go home late alone or laugh too loud on the street. All because the Czech Republic is in the TOP 10 safest countries in the world. Knowing they`re secured, these real European brides can be whoever they desire.

Why do Czech ladies choose to become mail order brides?

It mostly happens because of two reasons.

Local grooms drink too much

Czech Republic leads all world countries in beer consumption per capita. Considering the fact that there`s no weekend or usual evening without a bottle or two of beer, males are more often drunk than not. Who would desire to create a family with a heavy wino? That`s why Czech ladies look for a better future abroad.

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Huge gender pay gap

Women in the Czech Republic get almost 22% lesser salary than men, and the situation isn`t improving. This sounds ridiculous in the modern era, when feminism is on the rise, and gender equality is among the top priorities for governments of most countries. Czech girls seek an environment where they`ll be appreciated and partners that`ll surround them with respect and care.

What life will you have with a Czech mail order wife?

  • She`ll put you on a meat diet. Roast pork with dumplings, pecena kachna, gulas, or vepřo knedlo zelo. It`s not a menu for Christmas dinner, this is your future usual meal.
  • You`ll go mushrooms hunting.Czech love this! Your wife will teach you how to pick only those that won`t kill you.
  • Your marriage will probably take place in a castle. Czechia is famous for its castles, so it would be a crime not to arrange a wedding ceremony in one of them.
  • You`ll taste all possible kinds of beer. Blueberry beer? Yes, Czech women drink beer too, they just know their limits.
  • You`ll get used to regular SPA relax. Spots like Karlovy Vary have taught Czech how to calm down and enjoy every moment of relaxation. You`ll learn it too.
  • You`ll fall in love with autumn. Have you ever seen a real fall in the Czech Republic? There`s no way not to fall in love with its romantic atmosphere!
  • Modern art won`t scare you anymore. Czech know everything about it and demonstrate it on their streets. Your wife will buy you a few books of Kafka for starters if you`re a total newbie in this.

Marriage to a Czech woman is as magical as the atmosphere in her home country. Try to win her over and learn how to live life to the fullest!

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